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Leon Bakst, The Fire Bird, Tattoo? August 21, 2008

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Leon Bakst was a 1910’s Russian costume and stage designer, most notably for the Ballets Russes.

I would love a tattoo like this going down my side.  OR woman with free-flowing fabric wrapped all around her, to show my love for textiles.  The fabric element of this photo is amazing (her dress, not as crazy about the texture of the fabric in her hair or to her side).  She looks like a Gypsy.  Lovely.


“Nymph in Narcisse


Inspiration: Vintage Doilys August 20, 2008

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I just got a load of free vintage doilys, linens, handkerchiefs, and more off craigslist!

Gotta love the Craigslist, gold ole’ CG.  

Got my man, my car, my dog, most my furniture.. what more could one want?

These old findings are really inspiring.  The sheer hours someone spent creating these little beauties!

I had to pack them up to move, but will post pictures when I finally get to unpack everything, make a grand mess, and play with them.  

I am thinking one-of-a-kind whimsical wedding dresses, with all different shades of white in one dress.

All overlapping, different patterns and sizes of circles.




new sparkly peacock logo

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Isn’t it wonderous? magical? full of light and space? AND great in every way!  

It radiates everything Janay A- with enough quirk to go around.

Feedback, please! Hope you like it!

By Ben Surman, of Surman & Company, http://www.sandmob.com/


About Janay A: Designer; Creative.

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I am Janay A, a fashion designer in Kansas City.  This blog will show my new yummy works, journal fun fashion events, gab about inspiring and lifestyle trends… and be expressive about my daily adventures.

I am also model, dancer, learner, lover of all things creative.



My specialty is unique Wedding Gowns and Bridal Separates.  I soon will post with photos of my works!

View my current bridal separates and women’s wear collections on etsy:


A bit of history:

I have been freelance designing under the Janay A label in Kansas City for three years.  I attended South West Missouri State University (now MSU in Springfield, Missouri) before graduating from Penn Valley (Kansas City) with an associates in Fashion.  The collection has really taken off and is sold in 21 stores nationwide!

Now I am honing my efforts to create beautiful one of a kind gowns and expand my collection of bridal separates.

I live with my cat Myiette, dog Maili, and boyfriend Kevin.  We are opening a design studio on 31st st. near Martini Corner in September! More about this awesome space, with photos, soon!



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