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Dan and Anastasia July 21, 2009

Anastasia Spartan and Dan Mellott had a personal and local-eco friendly wedding in Kansas City.

Their reception was a tribute to their radiant, jubilant spirits- filled with laughter and personality.

Linen Suit, Lace Dress, Bolero  and veil by Janay A Handmade.

Amazing PAPER flowers by Bridget Kelley of Ornamental Petal. 

~Thanks to the couple for allowing me to be a part of their wedding!~

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3 Responses to “Dan and Anastasia”

  1. Karen Spartan Says:

    We loved Anastasia’s dress and Dan’s suit. They were both fabulous. Enjoyed seeing you on the dance floor at the reception.

    Thanks for making their dreams come true with these beautiful outfits.

    Karen Spartan (Anastasia’s mom)

  2. Anastasia Says:

    you rock girl!

  3. hitchedweddings Says:

    How friggin pretty is the dress and the bouquet! I love the back detail on the dress. Way to go girls! Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

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