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Bling Queen September 18, 2009

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Swarovski Crystals

Ohhh, shiny.


Now, normally I favor subtly pearl and vintage buttons over big sparkles of crystal.  These Swarovski crystals i just got might inspire me to change my toon (don’t fret, I’m not abandoning my rustic , earthy, vintage style entirely)… I’m just digging on some bling in addition to my former clean, matte aesthetic.


I have these crystals in Aurore Boreale (AB- rainbow shine), Citrine, Aquamarine, and Peridot.  They would be sweet scattered in one of my Flower-Bomb Headbands, on a Veil or Comb, or even sparkeling up some bouquet or garment.  


If used on a Veil, I would put them back-to back on both sides of the veil (to make sure the backsides don’t photograph like black dots).  Pass the Sparkle, please.


I might be blinded if I stare at them any longer! Seriously.

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