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Petal Belt and Headband November 16, 2009

Petal wedding belt, handmade

Petal Headband Handmade flower bridal

Petals, Pearls, and Tulle on Satin and Organza ivory ribbon.  Sweet!

This would be great to bring some fun into a sleek, minimal wedding dress or in your hair during the reception.

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Tease II- Organic Garters November 12, 2009

light-hearted garter organic feather

earth garden Organic Garter 3

treasures and feathers Organic Garter 4

more to come on the new site soon!

Photos by Melissa Lin Ellis.

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New Garters to Tease and Please November 11, 2009

Catch Me

Rose Water

Flapper Garter

Play with Me Garter Handmade

Photos my Melissa Lin Ellis

NEW WEBSITE coming soon!

Lots of new products for sale… you’ll be in love!

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Wild Rose and Leaf Organic Headband October 8, 2009

Organic Flower Headband- Feathered

Organic Flower Headband- Feather’d $65

Mother of Darkness! How cute is this Organic Flower Headband?

Grosgrain bow at flower center is created from the selvedge edge of the fabric yardage- I’m like a Native American using every part of the buffalo, haha.  But, seriously- no waste here.

Made from certified organic hemp/cotton that is grown and processed in the US.


Organic Flower Headband- UnFeather'd $55

Mixed ivory flower petals, and nautral undyed feathers.  Comfy elastic back. Self-fabric inserts into flower, leaves, and bow.

Perfect for Bridal and Beyond, let it take you where you are going.

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Owl and Mouse September 20, 2009

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viking14 owl and mouse


3 Airplanes owl and mouse


owl+mouse textile designs is a small printing company based in kansas city, mo. all designs are hand-dyed and printed by kcai grads alice youngblood and cristin llewellyn.


Wouldn’t these shirts be adorable in engagement photos?

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Bling Queen September 18, 2009

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Swarovski Crystals

Ohhh, shiny.


Now, normally I favor subtly pearl and vintage buttons over big sparkles of crystal.  These Swarovski crystals i just got might inspire me to change my toon (don’t fret, I’m not abandoning my rustic , earthy, vintage style entirely)… I’m just digging on some bling in addition to my former clean, matte aesthetic.


I have these crystals in Aurore Boreale (AB- rainbow shine), Citrine, Aquamarine, and Peridot.  They would be sweet scattered in one of my Flower-Bomb Headbands, on a Veil or Comb, or even sparkeling up some bouquet or garment.  


If used on a Veil, I would put them back-to back on both sides of the veil (to make sure the backsides don’t photograph like black dots).  Pass the Sparkle, please.


I might be blinded if I stare at them any longer! Seriously.

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Kristen’s Custom Garter and Veil! May 14, 2009

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Kirsten looked amazing for her wedding recently! She wore a garter and veil by yours truly.